Is The Samsung Galaxy Brand Losing Its Edge? As the discussion between Apple vs Samsung goes on.

There are a number of reasons why the Samsung Galaxy range has outsold all other smartphones and made significant gains over the past few years. Due to cheap manufacturing costs, Samsung are able to offer devices with better components and build quality than anybody other than Apple, and at significantly lower prices than Apple have previously been able to go to market. They have also invested a lot in research and development – not everybody is aware that the famous Apple Retina Display screen is actually a Samsung development.Samsung Galaxy Brand

Samsung also bring as many diverse smartphone and tablet products out as they can under the Galaxy brand, with the flagship phone (which is currently the S4) never the only option. This allows them to appeal to markets who don’t have the disposable income to spend on a top end phone but would still like a fashionable brand of phone and a credible product to buy in – making Galaxy phones a big deal on developing markets and with teens.

With all of these things working in their favor, you would think that that Samsung would be looking at a very rosy 2014, however cracks in their armor in the smartphone world are starting to show. While you can do everything from check the stock market, tweet, update your blog, and play the latest Android casino games on your Samsung smartphone, some people are critical of the proprietary software Samsung have wrapped around the Android OS, and competitors are now seen as perhaps more innovative when it comes to the look of their devices (for example Nokia) and the features offered.

Another thing that may well sting Samsung over the next twelve months is the iPhone 5C. In the past, iPhones came out just one at a time, with nothing below the flagship phone except older flagship models, making it hard for people who couldn’t or didn’t want to pay top dollar to buy in to the iPhone ecosystem. Now, for the first time, Apple have released two new phones, with one, the 5C an entry level device that costs significantly less than any brand new Apple phone before. This shows Apple going after the mid range market and also making a device that is a lot more accessible to people in developing markets, attacking one of Samsung’s biggest markets and that of Android on the whole.

Couple this with the general air of disappointment over the Galaxy S4 in the tech and financial media, and it will be interesting to see whether Samsung can find a way to regain ground with this year’s S5 release.