Herein check the details of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 WiFi Hotspot along with registration process and access points locations.

Samsung recently added Galaxy Grand 2 to their Galaxy lineup. Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 is successor of popular Galaxy Grand phone. Sporting the 5.25 inch 280 ppi display it comes with 8 GB Internal memory and quad core processor. Just like Galaxy Grand offer, Samsung India has come up with Galaxy Grand 2 offers as well for better promotion.Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung WiFi Hotspot Offer

With Galaxy Grand 2 launched in India, Samsung India today introduced ‘WiFi Hotspots Offer’. Using this offer exclusively for Galaxy Grand 2 phone, you will be able to access 5 GB of free internet browsing across various cities in India. Samsung has tied up with You Broadband to come up with free WiFi across different locations in cities and to know location where this free WiFi offer is available visit Free WiFi hotspot Offer

Once you reach the specified locations you need to connect to ‘Samsung Hot Spot’ access point and will be forced to land on Samsung page. Herein you need to provide the login details to get the access.

But before you get your free 5 GB WiFi access you need to register for this. Please note that as of now this facility is available in various location of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, Powai, Surat and Vadodra.

Interestingly there is also own printable calendar 2014 is available with Galaxy Grand 2 purchase.