Samsung has officially filed Galaxy H1 & H7 smartphone for trademark. Check Galaxy H smartphones Release Dates, Specs, Details.

Samsung recently introduced Galaxy J smartphone lineup with Galaxy J1 SM-100H smartphone launch coming out with minimum Touchwiz UI. There will be a new series of Galaxy H smartphone line to be introduced as Samsung has filed trademark applications for two of the smartphones - Galaxy H1 and Galaxy H7 namely. Both of them were filed in South Korea Intellectual Property Office in South Korea. This report comes from Galaxy H

Right now there is no details whether they will be the official name of the devices but it's definite that they will be the Android smartphone because the Galaxy brand is exclusively reserved for Samsung Android phones.

Last year Samsung launched Galaxy A series with Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 debuting, Galaxy E with Galaxy E5, E7 officially launching and recently a low-end Galaxy J1 was introduced.