Samsung India has officially launched Galaxy J1 smartphone in India at price of Rs 7190 in India. We came up with the unboing and the photo gallery of this device recently and here we go through various benchmarks of Galaxy J1 to let you understand it fares in terms hardware output.Galaxy J1 Benchmark

Galaxy J1 Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy J1 is powered with 4.3 inch WVGA touchscreen display and dual core processor with 512 MB RAM running on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat out of box. Here are the full benchmark scores of the device -

Antutu Benchmark

The standard of all benchmark, Galaxy J1 on Antutu Benchmark score achieved a feat of 12699.Galaxy J1 AntutuAntutu HTML 5 scores are listed below -

Galaxy J1 Antutu HTML 5

Quadrant Benchmark

Galaxy J1 with dual core processor achieved score of 3098 under Quadrant Standard.

NenaMark 2

It achieved as score of 52.0 fps.Nenamark Galaxy J1

Vellamo 2.0

Under Vellamo it achieved Browser - 1149 and Metal - 632Vellamo

Linpack Single Thread

It clocked around 316.008 MFLOPS

Geekbench 3 Score

Geekbench 3 Single Core - 313, Multi-Core - 575GeekBench 3


The following were the different test results on GFXBenchGFX

  • ALU - 467 frames
  • 1080p ALU Offscreen - 175 frames
  • Alpha Blending - 547.9 MB/s
  • 1080p Alpha Blending Offscreen - 634.9 MB/s
  • Driver Overhead - 651 Frames
  • 1080p Driver Overhead Offsceeen - 2022 Frames
  • 1080 Fill Offscreen - 432 MTexel/s

So those were some of the Galaxy J1 Benchmark results.