Here we go through Samsung Galaxy J1 gaming review by playing Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Air Control Lite and other HD games.

Samsung Galaxy J1 is the latest smartphone aka the Samsung Android phone under $115 or Rs 7000. This is the 3G version that we are talking about as there is also a new Galaxy J1 4G device as well priced under Rs 10,000.Galaxy J1 Gaming Review

Galaxy J1 Gaming Review

The Galaxy J1 sports 4.3 inch dual core powered smartphone coming with 512 MB RAM. With those specifications is it good enough for gaming? Here we go through Samsung Galaxy J1 gaming review.

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In this gaming review we play famous Android games likes Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Candy Crush Saga and other games.

Galaxy J1 Subway Surfers Game Playback

With first video, you will understand how it responds from the time of opening the Subway Surfers icon to game play for a little over a minutes. The Subway Surfers in our testing achieved good results and there were absolutely no lags except just opening the app for the first time.

Galaxy J1 Temple Run Game Playback

The Samsung Galaxy J1 never lagged while playing the Temple Run 2 game but that's in the case when there is no other apps or multi-tasking opened on your device. Definitely Galaxy J1 is meant for such games.

Galaxy J1 Air Control Lite Game Playback

The Galaxy j1 easily handled Air Control lite game playback without any problems, not even the minor ones.

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The Galaxy J1 easily plays games which doesn't require much RAM. Definitely good for simple and easy games but for HD games your device will be slow in response and with multi-tasking you will not be happy with the performance. Definitely not for multi-tasker but ideally good for people who enjoy single game on their device.

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