In this guide check out how you can take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Light phone using two different methods, both working.

Samsung announced Galaxy Light an affordable 4G LTE powered Android phone for T-Mobile USA. Combined with Simple Choice Plan providing unlimited 4G internet access on mobile nationwide on Galaxy Light you be up on web connected with your friends on Twitter, Facebook. We will go through more tips and tricks on Samsung Galaxy Light in coming days but as of today we are limited to show you how to take screenshot on Galaxy Light phone.Samsung Galaxy Light

There are two ways in which you can take Galaxy Light screenshot. Due in this guide we explain you both the method and you will be happy to see both of them tried, tested and working perfectly without any flaw.

Method 1: Using Physical Key Combinations

Android 4.0 and higher phones have made it easier to take screenshot. For most of the phones and for all the Galaxy Phones, the below guide of using combination of buttons works well. Check them –

  • Hold you handset perfectly on your palm.
  • On your phone locate Power button.
  • Please open the desired page on your phone’s screen and then press Power button and Home button together for 2 seconds. Sometime you might miss and volume down button is only activated.Samsung Galaxy Light Screenshot
  • Try for few minutes and attempts. Remember two buttons should be pressed at once, then only you will get the screenshot.
  • You will hear shutter sound when action is successful.

The screenshots are saved in Menu > Gallery > Screenshots folder.

Method 2: Using Screenshot Apps

Don’t always want to use physical key combinations to take screenshot? Try out apps available at Play Store and take screenshot easily. But there is one catch here – they all require root access enabled on your phone.