Mobile arena has witnessed growth in phablets and people are more interested in tablet sized phones which provides them with ease to watch videos and play games. The trend ofcourse was set by Samsung Galaxy Note and as Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled last year, it’s time, possibly the best period to go through Galaxy Note 4 rumors.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaks, rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Considering the past trends, Galaxy Note 4 will be almost similar to that of Galaxy S5 in terms of design and might come up with just improved features over its predecessor. Display is the thing which you watch out for as there are rumors of 4K resolution or

2560 x 1440 and 1920 x 1080 display. And it might board nothing less than hexa core processor or maybe the Octa core processor in selected regions. Camera-wise we should see nothing less than 20.1 mega pixel sensor and 3 mega pixel front facing camera.

There are no definite dates of Note 4 launch but since Galaxy S5 is available ahead of its schedule, we might see it’s launch early than its scheduled.