Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge Release Date, Specs, Features. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge is confirmed to have dual Edge display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was official with Galaxy Note 4 smartphone with one side edge display and on Day 1 of Mobile World Congress [MWC 2015] we saw Samsung Galaxy S6 with Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone launch with two side edge display.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge

There is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 coming in August, needless to say that the device is definitely planned and along with that Galaxy Note 5 Edge too is rumored to come up. Since the newly launched Edge phone is with dual edge display, Galaxy Note 5 Edge too will be comprising of dual edge display. This was confirmed by VP of Samsung Products Strategy Team in a Q&A session.

Now that makes as the first rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge and until the device gets official there will be dozens of leaks coming up.