After huge success with Samsung Galaxy Note II followed with a new category of smartphones dubbed as “Phablet Phones” or Large Screen Display smartphones, its time to move on with upcoming successor dubbed as Galaxy Note III. Yes, time has come to feature out leak information about the device which is not too early and not that late to cover on The Samsung Galaxy S III has been leaked by Korean Times. Interestingly Samsung is also preparing for Galaxy Note 7 GT N5100 device as well.Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note III

After debut of Galaxy Note II this year at IFA event on August 30, 2012, its time for Galaxy Note II successor i.e., Galaxy Note III smartphone opps I should say Phablet Phone. With trends speaking out that Galaxy Note successor gets to be bigger, Galaxy Note III would be atleast 5.7 inches or more. It scheduled for launch at IFA 2013.

As of now the sources from South Korea claims that the next Galaxy Note phone will be with whopping 6.3 inches display screen and as expect it will see its launch in Q2, 2013. We might get sneak preview of the handset at Mobile World Congress and CES 2013 next year. We assume that the smartphone will provide surely 1080p HD display screen.

The specifications and hardware makeup of the device is still not yet clear but the device will certainly take the smartphone capabilities to a device nearly equal to normal tablets. Also we see Samsung is working to come out with budget OLED flexible displays. Last but not least it will include the Google’s Android operating system might be inclusion of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

And the exact specifications, hardware of Samsung Galaxy Note III will be available in coming months. For the time being you can subscribe to our email updates to stay updated to the latest information.