Samsung Galaxy S5 is the current Samsung flagship Android phone in the S series of smartphones by the Korean smartphone giant and reset on your device (factory reset or hard reset) is helpful when your device is experiencing problems or its lagging too much. It happens when you are using a device for a longer period of time.Samsung Galaxy S5 Copper Gold

Galaxy S5 Factory Reset

Performing factory reset on Galaxy S5 will restore all the settings on your phone to default, means your phone will be completely new handset and will be responding faster to your queries but bigger problem is that it will wipe all the data, settings on your Galaxy S5 phone.

Method 1: Via Settings Menu

  • Tap on Menu from your Galaxy S5 home screen.
  • Tap now Settings.
  • Select Backup and Reset.
  • Now tap on Factory Data Reset.Samsung Galaxy S5 Factory Reset
  • Tap on Reset Device.
  • Select Delete all to wipe all the data and then finally your device will be automatically rebooted.

Method 2: Hard Reset

To perform hard reset on Galaxy S5, follow the process mentioned below –

  • Turn off your Galaxy S5 phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button, Home button and Volume up button together for few seconds.
  • Now you will be through the Recovery Mode. If you are having trouble then follow the guide on how to enter Galaxy S5 in Recovery mode.
  • From the Recovery mode menu select, “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option.
  • Press Power button to select a highlighted option and Volume Up/Down button for navigation between the options.
  • Now select “Delete all user data”.
  • Come back to Recovery Mode Menu and select “Reboot System Now”.

Method 3: Using DialPad

This is one of the easiest methods. Follow the process mentioned below –

  • Open Dialpad on your Galaxy S5 phone.
  • Enter the code as *2767*3855# to reset all the data and erase also your personal settings.