Checkout Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Switzerland, Sweden, Italy price, Pre-Order, Availability dates.

No doubt that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be costing $50 to $100 higher than its previous Galaxy S5 phone. Furthermore the Galaxy S6 Edge will be priced further $100 higher than Galaxy S6 due to the two-sided edge display.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Switzerland Price, Availability

  • €653 for the 32 GB Galaxy S6
  • €793 for the Galaxy S6 Edge

Italy Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Price, Availability

  • €889 for the Galaxy S6 32 GB version
  • €990 for Galaxy S6 Edge

Sweden Pricing

  • €760 for Galaxy S6
  • €922 for Galaxy S6 Edge

The above prices are taken from multiples sources and they are the price for the unlocked [carrier free] handset.