The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not too old handset to talk about its successor but as the world goes, we have to provide the news. Hitting the back fence talks is the Galaxy S7 rumors. For today, just before iPhone 6S launch we have news that Galaxy S7 will include micro SD card slot. But it will keep the same unibody design with non-removable battery like its predecessor.Samsung Galaxy S7
Earlier to this leak, Galaxy S7 was spotted to be coming with two variants based on chipset - the Snapdragon 820 and Samsung's proprietary Exynos M1 project aka the alleged Exynos 8890 version. The RAM Size will remain on 4 GB as 5 Gigs might debut later next year. In my view 4 GB RAM on phone is more than enough. There was also rumors on the device display between 5.2 inch and the plus version of it coming out with 5.8 inch.

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In terms of internal storage, the device will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB versions and that sounds logical because presence of micro SD card slot on 128 GB phone sounds a bit odd.