After Samsung First Tizen Phone has been officially leaked via Evleaks with blur photo, today we get much sharper picture of the handset and also the name of the device is confirmed to be Samsung ZEQ 9000 phone.Samsung ZEQ 9000- Samsung First Tizen Phone

Going accordingly to the phone leaked picture, the front page of the so called Tizen OS looks like much of Windows Phone 8. Large attention of the home screen paid to music and incoming/outgoing and missed calls. Going according to the picture, there are quick links to open Gallery, open camera, email and internet.

The device known as Samsung ZEQ SM-9000 is shown up with much details on MovePlayer website. It runs on Tizen 2.1 OS on top of 4.8 inch 720 pixels HD display screen and we are sure to witness this smartphone at Mobile World Congress. Maybe, big offering exclusively for Tizen phones and tablets might be the reasons why Samsung was quick to launch Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets at CES 2014.

So as far the rumors goes, Samsung ZEQ 9000 is with following specifications -

  • 4.8-inch 720 pixels HD display
  • Dual Core or Quad Core processor
  • Tizen 2.1 OS
  • WiFi, WiFi tether, Bluetooth v2.1


ViaMove Player, Twitter