How to Save Email Data on SD Card Rather than Internal Memory on Android Phones/Tablets

Question by Rodger: I use Google Nexus 4 LG branded phone which I recently purchased via T-Mobile. I was lucky to get that as whenever I see “out of stock” message has been displayed. Happy about the phone but its internal memory is only limited to 8 GB out of which more than half a GB is eaten by system resources. Now out of the remaining, I have some files stored, WhatsApp attachment and other video/audio songs. I use Gmail and Yahoo Mail as I have synced them up with my Nexus 4 phone. Now I have been using more than 4 GB in each account and now I see my internal memory is a too low indication.

I am thinking to move email data and attachments to micro SD card of my phone but I see there are apps on Google Play to set attachment download to SD card but no settings to save emails in SD card. I couldn’t find any, any help in this regard or I have to delete all my internal content files! Sometimes I wonder how users who have budget phones like ZTE Force with 4 GB internal memory manages all these stuff!Gmail Android

Possible Answer: We all use email for conservations. Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Rediff Mail, email data is stored in the internal memory of your phone by default. After a bit of research and experiments on the third party email apps, I was able to go through K-9 Mail app which provides the exact easy solution for it.

Yes, K-9 Mail for Android provides you the option to store your emails to SD card directly without requiring any attention from your side. Well, I am not talking about Settings to receive your Gmail or Yahoo mail via K-9 mail, think its pretty easy to do it.

So install this application via Play Store and then go to Settings, Account Settings and you will find the option of “Storage”. Following which you need to select external SD card instead of regular internal storage. Once you have done these settings you can now actually configure all of your mail accounts that you have.

Download K-9 Mail Android App from Google Play

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