In this guide go through instructions on how to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone easily.

Alright! Samsung has officially wrapped off Galaxy S5 on Day 1 at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) and we are done with the official specifications, comparison with other existing phones. Here comes our Galaxy S5 exclusive tips and tricks and here in check out how to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

To take Galaxy S5 screenshot, you neither have to root your device nor you have to install any specific app for this purpose. Just follow our guide mentioned below, infact there are two ways to do it.

Using Palm Swipe

This is another method of taking screenshot introduced first on Galaxy S4 phone. Head to Motion under Settings and select the option ‘Palm swipe to capture’. Once this option is enabled, you need to swipe your hands from right to left on vice versa to take the screenshot.Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot

Using Hardware Combination Buttons

For long time, Samsung has used Power button and Home button together, fetches you screenshot of what is visible to you on your phone homescreen. Galaxy S5 is no long different as these two buttons will save the picture of what is visible on your phone. This method will work even though you are using official or Custom ROM.

To access screenshot on your phone, go to Gallery > Screenshot folder. Please let your friends know about this simple guide.