Screenshot on Galaxy On5 Pro & On7 Pro Smartphones

Galaxy On5 Pro

In this guide we show you how to take screenshot on Galaxy On5 Pro SM-G550F & Galaxy On7 Pro smartphones easily.

Samsung recently upgraded the Galaxy ON Series with the launch of Galaxy ON5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro. It’s clearly understood that they are the successor to last year launched Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7. Moving on to Pro as in comparison with the original handset, they keep similar design but gets major overhaul in terms of hardware and software. Good thing is they keep the same pricing. So here in this article checkout how to take screenshot on Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On 7 Pro smartphones.

Screenshot on Galaxy ON5 Pro

We purchased Galaxy On5 Pro on the day of its launch at Rs 9400 and we have gone through several tips regarding this handset. You can checkout Galaxy On5 Pro review as well. In this particular context we are limited on process on how to take screenshot on Galaxy On5 Pro –

  • Ensure that you know the location of Power button and you have the Home button your device as well.
  • To take screenshot, you will have to Press both the buttons together at once.
  • Once successful screenshot will be taken.

All the screenshots that are taken are saved under a special folder named Screenshot under Gallery.

This guide is also applicable to other Galaxy phones and since this is a default Android property, so it will work on all other Android phones as well, just the button combination changes. It’s same for all the Samsung Galaxy phones which includes Home button.

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