How to Take Screenshot on LG Tribute HD & LG X5


LG X5 and LG Tribute HD are among the two prepaid smartphones available in United States. While the LG Tribute HD is available on Boost and Virgin Mobile, the LG X5 is available via Cricket Wireless. Both are wonderful smartphones. In this guide checkout how to take screenshot on the LG Tribute HD and LG X5 smartphones.

Screenshot on LG X5 & LG Tribute HD

Follow the process mentioned below to do it –

  • You need to locate the placement of the Power button and the Volume Down button. If you hold the phone straight, facing to your side, then the Power button is on the right side bezel and the Volume Down button is on the left side.
  • Once you have seen that, you will have to press the Volume Down and Power button together at once. Remember that the timing is very important here. If you do it wrongly, then you might end up with Power button options or decreasing your phone volume.
  • Successful confirmation of the screenshot is done when you hear the shutter sound on your device.
  • Furthermore you will also get a notification on your device notification panel about the screenshot.

All the screenshots that you take are stored in your phone storage under Screenshot folder under Gallery.

This is a default Android property and will work on all devices.

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