How to Take Screenshot on Nexian Smartphones

Guide text guide on how to take screenshot on Nexian smartphone.

Nexian is an Indonesian company which has just debut in India with the launch of NV 45 smartphone. Frankly speaking the Nexian NV45 with Dragon tail display, Sandstone back at a price of Rs 3800 pushed us to buy the smartphone and rank it among the top 5 smartphone at Rs 4000 available in India. Moving on, in the following guide we will be showing you how to take screen capture on Nexian NV45 smartphone. This guide also works for all other Nexian Android smartphones, so yeah, this guide is also for “screenshot on any Nexian smartphone”.Screen capture on Nexian Smartphone

Screenshot on Nexian Smartphones

Screenshot on screen capture on Nexian smartphone can be achieved in many ways. One of the easiest way to do it by the combination of hardware buttons. This is a default Android property, so regardless of OEM, models and Android versions, the guide will work for all handsets.

Follow the process mentioned below to achieve Nexian Android phone screen capture –

  1. Hold your smartphone with the display facing on the front.
  2. Now know the location on Power button and Volume Down/UP buttons. Generally it’s located on the side bezel. For Nexian NV45, it’s located on the left side bezel.
  3. Now you need to press the combination of Volume Down and Power button together. [Often times you might land on decreasing the volume] You just need to try and try. It should work even though your phone is carrier locked.
  4. Successful screen capture is achieved when you hear flash sound along side you will also get notification on your device that screenshot is captured.
  5. All the screenshot take are saved in Gallery under Screenshot Folder.

So, that was quite easy to do it. Great thing about this guide is that you don’t need to have root access on your device.

Alternatively you can use various free Android Apps to achieve it but all those requires root access on your device.

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