How to Capture Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 1320 – Reference Guide

Nokia Lumia 1320 Screenshot

In this guide check out how to take screenshot on Nokia Lumia 1320 aka Lumia 1320 screenshot guide is here.

Nokia launched half a dozen of mobile recently at an event in Abu Dhabi. Among them included is the Nokia phablet 1320 and 1520. In this we go through process on how to take screenshot on Lumia 1320. The process is also applicable to Lumia 1520 as well. Nokia knowingly lowered down the specs on 1320 to bring down the price to $339. That’s the best they can do and it’s left up to customers now.

Lumia 1320 Screen Capture

The process of taking screen photos on Lumia 1320 is same as that of what you use it for any Lumia Windows Phones. Yet for clear understanding we have come up with this guide.

Follow the instructions mentioned here to take screenshot on 1320 Lumia phone –

  • Hold your phone in the right hand and then proceed to the screen which you want to capture as screenshot. When ready proceed to next step.
  • You should be aware of Power button on your phone. It’s on the right side of the device and your thumb should go over there.
  • Locate the Windows button. Check the picture below.
  • So you are ready for final shot. You need to press and hold the Power button and Home button altogether at once and hold for few seconds until you hear shutter sound.
  • That will take screenshot on your phone and it will be ready and saved into your phone’s memory.

Didn’t get that right? Check this picture –So that was pretty easy – isn’t it? Still if you are finding trouble then please drop us a comment and we would like to extend our helping hand.

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