How to Take Screenshot on Reliance JIO LYF Smartphones

Here is how to capture Screenshot on Reliance JIO LYF smartphones including LYF Water, LYF Flame, LYF Wind, LYF Earth 4G VoLTE phones.

Reliance JIO within a couple of weeks has added more than a dozen of smartphones in the LYF series. First, they launched Water 1, Water 2 and Earth 1 smartphone and next they unveiled Flame 1 and Wind 6 smartphone. Now they have added Flame 2, Wind 4 and Water 7 smartphone to existing device lineup.

Screenshot on Jio smartphone | JioPhone screenshot

The following guide explains how to take a screenshot on all the Reliance JIO LYF smartphones. It’s some also referred to as screen capture too.

Screenshot on Reliance JIO Phone & LYF Phones

Just follow the process mentioned below to take a screenshot on LYF smartphones –

  • We are using the method of hardware combination buttons. This is the most common method that is followed by all.
  • On your phone located the Power button and Volume down button.
  • Now press both of those buttons together at once.
  • You will hear camera shutter-like sound and see screen flashing with a screenshot taken.

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Where are the JIO LYF Screenshots Saved?

All the screenshots that you capture on your device are stored in a separate folder under Gallery > Screenshot. That’s just for your reference, and if you take new screenshot, you will get notified on the device’s display.

This guide is compatible with all the Reliance LYF smartphones that are currently available in the market.


This guide is compatible with the following handsets:

  1. JioPhone
  2. JioPhone 2
  3. LYF Flame 2
  4. LYF Flame 3
  5. LYF Flame 4
  6. LYF Flame 6
  7. LYF Water 1
  8. LYF Water 2
  9. LYF Water 3
  10. LYF Wind 6
  11. LYF Wind 4
  12. LYF Earth 1
  13. LYF Earth 2
  14. All other LYF phones

So that was quite an easy and simple way to get Screenshot on Reliance Jio smartphones. Try that on your device and let me know if it’s not working. It should work as its a default Android property.

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