Factors to Consider When Selecting a Laptop for AutoCAD

Laptop for AutoCAD

Here are the 5 factors to consider when selecting a laptop for AutoCAD.

Technology has developed over the years considerably, and the most fascinating and interesting example would be the change in the drawing. Instead of drawing or writing on pieces of paper to get their ideas into form, people nowadays make use of more intelligent and better apps. AutoCAD is one of them. This software designing app is seen to be used by engineers, designers, and architects all over the world. Now, instead of waiting for days and spending your precious hours on a piece of paper and ink, you can bring your ideas to life quicker and easier.

Why is AutoCAD so popular?

As already said, AutoCAD is used all over the world and is trusted by all. Developed by Autodesk, your work will be given a more dimensional look and whether you want to curate or edit 2D or 3D looks, AutoCAD lets you do it easily. With a few touches here and there, you get the result that you exactly wish for.

But having an average laptop is not enough to make use of AutoCAD, hence it is necessary that one should know about the AutoCAD laptop requirements. Few laptops are specifically designed to adapt to AutoCAD usage that needs a lot of concentration for a great performance. You might also have to download a few other applications on your device to make it further adaptable with CAD.

But, guess what? You do not need to go any further. This article will provide you with the best and major features that are a must-have in any laptop that you will be purchasing.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Laptop For Autocad

  1. CPU: The most important thing that your electronic appliance must possess is a powerful Processor or CPU. Ranging from high costs to low, depending on what your budget resides in, you can choose a laptop accordingly.

If you are more into developing 3D designs, then opting for a quad-core processor to the least is important. To develop 3D objects, having more cores is the better choice for your work itself. But if you are someone who wishes to stick to 2D designing, then a dual-core Processor will fulfill your requirements. It is advisable that you do not spend extra money if your needs are more on the latter edge.

Either way, AutoCAD makes full use of the Processor and speed, letting you be done with a bigger workload in no amount of time.

  1. RAM: Random Access Memory or simply, RAM is the next most important quality that your laptop is a must-have. Since the installation of AutoCAD on your device only takes a considerable amount of storage, you must make sure that you always have extra space in your device. The minimum storage space I would recommend that your laptop have is 4GB, but you should choose something higher.

I have often seen people having laptops with 8 GB to 16 GB of memory in their laptops be able to use AutoCAD more comfortably. If you have higher storage, then without any worries you can continue to install required applications and work on AutoCAD.

Overall, the more the merrier.

  1. GPU: The next feature is GPU, or also known as the Graphics Processing Unit. You must be wondering why is a GPU important? Well, it’s because creating and producing images will be much easier.

Connected to the motherboard, it gets information from the Processor to create the design that you wish to curate. In simple terms, it displays the image that you want.

Laptops that have an impressive Graphics card will give you better and smoother image quality. I would say that it is the most basic feature if you wish to use AutoCAD on your device.

  1. Storage card: There are two types of storage drives that laptops offer. They are SSD (solid-state disk) and HDD ( hard disk drive). Although both work considerably fine, the SSD is what is recommended for AutoCAD. Why?

SSDs help in saving your time whether you have to save or open files. Saving time on your designs and projects, HDDs do not match up to this quality.

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SSDs are expensive but they promise to give you a splendid performance. But, if you still wish to purchase one with a hard disk, then you must buy the one which works at no less than 7200 RPM.

  1. Screen size and display: As AutoCAD is used for designing and imaging, then you must opt for a laptop with a clear and large-sized screen. Instead of buying a small or blurry screen where you have to stress your eyes out, you should buy a fully developed HD type.

Screens that have great resolution are a must-have for every designer or AutoCAD user. Of course, you will need a 3D Printer for AutoCad 3D prints.


In the end, whatever model you use, there are certain factors to consider when selecting a laptop for AutoCAD. Once you see all these factors, your work becomes much simpler and faster.

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