Everything you need to Consider when Setting up a Social Media page for your Brand

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A social media present brands an opportunity to take advantage of the evolving nature of business onto a more virtual front. The reach of the internet around the world has made it easier for people to access social media, with over 3.5 billion followers. Social media is also free and easy to use. This presents a unique marketing opportunity for your brand.

You can market your brand to a global audience thanks to social media. The billions of followers are spread out across the world, with access aided by the use of both computer and alternative internet interfaces. It can be a very lucrative marketing avenue for your brand.

Here is everything you should consider when setting up your brand on social media.

How will social media benefit your brand?

There a number of ways in which a brand can benefit you. Here are they –

Lower advertising costs

Marketing on social media is completely free. You can set up your brand page and begin marketing your products and services within minutes. The platform offers access to a large number of potential followers, which makes ideal for marketing. You may have some difficulty getting the right numbers through organic social media activity. If you feel that your campaign is not performing as expected, you may consider using paid advertising options for better performance.

These are relatively inexpensive, depending on the package and social media platform, and could help you reach your desired target audience more effectively.

Access to Billions of Followers

Social selling, which is offered by social media, allows you to interact with your followers outside of the standard buyer-seller relationship. Social media will facilitate personal interaction with brands, which can be helpful in developing brand loyalty. It offers access to billions of people, provided you set up on different platforms to maximize your visibility.

Higher Website Traffic

With millions of websites competing for the attention of billions of followers, your brand could benefit by setting up a website. However, these are notoriously difficult to get visible. You need to be very active, feature relevant content and optimize your site to meet the SEO algorithm expectations for high traffic and visibility.

Having a social media page can also help you accrue these benefits without necessarily going through the trouble. You can drive traffic by sharing your website content to your followers. This will help generate interest in your brand, which could be crucial for growth.

Increased Brand Visibility

You can increase users’ likelihood to know about your brand by setting up a social media page. There is high interest in brands, with about 80% of social media users on certain platforms following at least one brand. You will be able to reach out to more people than through traditional advertising medium, which makes it a very appealing marketing option. You can also benefit from personal marketing, which will increase your visibility levels and improve conversions. Social media platforms offer different features to increase your visibility, which are relatively inexpensive and highly efficient at helping you target desired audiences.

Increased sales, revenues and conversions

Conversion will refer to the tendency to turn customer interest into a completed purchase. High conversion rates will generally be associated with an increase in revenue, since these represent an increased tendency to complete purchases and make earnings for your brand. You can increase conversion rates by going on social media. Many people will use social media to research brands and products before making their purchases. You can market and remarket your brand to these interested users, who will be more likely to make purchases than most. This will drive up conversion rates, which will have a positive influence on sales and revenue.

Higher brand awareness levels

If you are located purely offline, less people know about your brand than you would be comfortable with.  It is rather difficult to market your brand offline, with traditional marketing avenues such as TV and print delivering little in terms of results while charging exorbitant fees.

Social media allows you to increase brand awareness however you deem fit. You can use social media campaigns and paid advertising features to make more people aware of your brand.

The best social media Practices for your brand

You need to make a regular posting schedule that suits the recommended posting frequency for your platform of interest. This will increase user trust and confidence levels in your business and affect their willingness to make purchases. If you are not able to make regular posts, you could consider using a content scheduler to send out posts over a long time across your platforms.

You may also consider setting up a social media team to handle the potentially high level of interaction. Your followers will receive timely and personal responses, which could affect brand loyalty levels. Having a team will allow engaging in the social media best practice of sending out responses to all your queries, complaints and comments.

You should not ignore negative comments since they present an opportunity for you to display your brand values and offer support, which will auger well with other followers. You should generally avoid spamming your followers by offering unsolicited contact. This may push them away from your brand, similarly to advertising your brand over and over. If you are looking to create brand partnerships, you could consider attaching links by other brands to your posts

How to find the Most Suitable Social Media for your Brand

When setting up your online presence, you need to consider a number of factors. Smaller brands will have limited expenses and personnel allocations for social media, which will require strategic planning.

These are a few factors you should consider when finding the right social media platform for your brand.

  • The targeting options available to help you tweak your campaigns to find users by demographic and location
  • The pricing and scaling of paid advertisement options available to find one that suits your expense allocation
  • The freedom to share different types of content and keep users interested in your social media activity
  • Personal interaction with your followers to facilitate personal selling

Final word

Some platforms may be too tough for new brands to make inroads. On platforms such as Instagram, you will have trouble getting sufficient views, likes and follows organically. You may consider paid ad options, which are inexpensive and effective for the platform. You can get 50 Instagram likes to increase your ability to reach out to followers on the platform for better levels of success.

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