How to Share Location on iPhone Using iMessage

Share Location on iPhone

A guide on how to share location on iPhone using iMessage.

You can share your location on iPhone using iMessage. It’s quite easy and simple to do it. Here we go through the guide to do it.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to share location on iPhone using iMessage. The methods of doing this are as follows:-

Use a favorite client of the IM:

You can use a very favorite client of the IM. You can send text or plain messages that are motivated in one general direction. The reason for this is the increasing fame of services that involve instant messaging like Facebook Messenger, Apple’s Messaging and Viber.

These messaging servicing are trustworthy, free and have a fast speed. Although these messaging services have become a favorite of iPhone users yet the clients of IM allow you to do plenty of chat with a crush taste. Take for example sharing of the location has been created for most of them.

Use Apple Maps:

Take for example your iPhone recipient is not fond of receiving or sending instant messages. However, he is your colleague and you require to do contact with him through an email or some other source of instant messaging.

In this case, you can share a location that is sent straight from the application of the Apple iMap from your iPhone. For doing all this you will have to choose your current location and you have to pin up the location where you wish to send a message. After doing all this you can do tapping on the button on the share option in the upper right corner.

Share a link on the Maps of Apple:

You can choose your current destination and drop a pin at the desired spot in the maps of Apple iPhone. This tip can help you when you are writing an email and are telling about your current location with the attached document in your email.

All you need is to tap the button of sharing and selecting the Notes application for saving the location as a note.

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