Smartisan announces Smartisan OS 2.0 with host of new features and design.

Teacher turned entrepreneur Luo Yonghao officially announces Smartisan U1 smartphone, a year after the launch of first Smartisan T1 phone. Smartisan U1 is the second Android phone launched by the company which is also known as JianGuo [in Chinese it means “Nuts”] and it’s primarily targeted towards younger audience. With this phone launch, company also introduces Smartisan OS 2.0 with intuitive interface based on Android in-depth optimization based on 5.1 Lollipop version.

Smartisan OS 2.0 Features
Smartisan OS 2.0 UI

Smartisan OS 2.0 Features

The Smartisan OS 2.0 includes host of new features, some of them are -

  • Desktop Icon Auto Arrange -
    1. Sort by Color
    2. Sort by Mounting Time
    3. Sort by Frequency of Use
  • Quick Launcher Bar lock screen replacement permanent icon
  • Right hand operation optimization
  • Hover thumb dropdown
  • Fast Switching to vertical or horizontal display screen with cross rubbing two fingers
  • SMS verification code is auto extracted in 20 seconds
  • Supports Multiple Contacts Sort
  • Calendar Quick Drag
  • Album Thumbnail Smart Face Recognition
  • Smartisan OS 2.0 desktop reproduction of classic sixteen grids design
  • New designed Phone Dialpad layout
  • New Browser optimized for Qualcomm processor cores for fast loading
  • Introduces Smartisan App Store
  • Genetic Icons
  • System wide shortcut phrase
  • Increase battery life by enabling Power saving mode
  • Drag and Drop to Add Attachments
  • Music player with DJ effects
  • Business Card Scanning thanks to CamCard
  • Share notes in a web page content
  • Includes Voice Search
  • SmartFinder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder option brings comfortable experience
  • Smartisan OS redraw third party native icons