How to Enter Xperia Phone in Recovery Mode

Sony XPeria Z5

How to Boot/ Enter Sony Xperia phone in Recovery Mode.

All Android based device including Sony Xperia Z5 can be rebooted into recovery mode. But being a new device, the Xperia Z5 comes with new settings, which means that reaching recovery will be different compared to other Android devices. So, if you want to learn how to enter and use the recovery then make sure you follow the steps from below.

Now, before moving on with this tutorial, let’s see why you should use this Android feature and when to use it. Your Sony Xperia Z5 comes pre-installed with a stock Android recovery mode. This software offers operations like: making a hard reset, flashing an OTA update, clearing app data cache and several other maintenance operations.

This is the functions you can do in a Stock recovery but if you install a Custom Recovery like CWM or TWRP you can have many features than stock recovery like, gaining root access, flashing .zip files, updating with custom ROMs, removing bloatware, making Nandroid backups, overclock CPU frequencies and so on.

Boot Sony Xperia Phone in Recovery Mode

Method 1:

  1. A computer and  USB cable are required.
  2. Power off your device.
  3. Now press and hold the Volume down button and while doing so connect your smart phone with your PC.
  4. Now follow on-screen instructions in order to enter the recovery mode.
  5. Select “reboot system now” in recovery menu if you want to go back to Android OS.

Method 2:

Here is the second method to boot Xperia phone through recovery mode:

  1. Setup ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  2. Enable USB debugging mode on your device. Go to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging mode.
  3. Connect the phone to computer.
  4. Open fastboot folder.
  5. In fastboot folder open Command prompt press and hold Shift and Right-Click, select open command prompt here.
  6. Type the following command adb reboot recovery.
  7. Device will now reboot into recovery mode.

Method 3:

  1. Download and Install Quick boot app from Google Play store and open it.
  2. Follow the instructions shown in app to enter Recovery mode.

So, that was a simple guide on how to boot Sony XPeria phones in the recovery mode.

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