Mysterious Sony Smartphone CodeNamed 96946K gets FCC Approval – Xperia XR?

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At IFA on September 2016, Sony will introduce three new smartphones.

Sony Mobile has sent out press invite for the IFA 2016 and at a press conference on September 1, 2016 and new products from the company will be announced. Among the smartphone lineup we might not have successor to Xperia X but instead there might be a new Sony Xperia XR series or maybe Xperia L Series. There are all kinds of rumors right now but official news which confirms existence of three new Sony XPeria phones – mysterious Sony smartphone with 96946K passing through FCC.

According to report from Yibada, Sony will unleash a new Xperia XR series with the launch of three new smartphones – Xperia XR, Xperia XR Compact and Xperia XR Premium. One of the device has model number F8331 and 146.4 x 71.9 x 8.19 mm dimensions. So it will be larger, wider and thinner than current Xperia X Performance handset.

If the above rumors turns out to be false, then atleast we might have Xperia Z6 series of smartphones with Xperia Z6, Z6 Compact and Z6 Premium.

And correlating to Sony we have a mysterious device code-named as 96946K passed through FCC approval. Three devices were certified with FCC ID – PY7-93041M”, “PY7-96946K” and “PY7-29752M”. According to reports published by Japan website GetNews, it will be the Xperia L series with possibly Xperia L, Xperia L Premium and Xperia L Compact launch on September 1.

Apart from smartphones, Sony will also unveils a range of other gadgets and a range of smart TVs.

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