Sony Xperia Z5 Heating Problems, Issues

XPeria Z5 Heating Problems

Sony Xperia Z5, the very popular Z series phone of Sony is newly launched in the market and expanding its availability in various countries worldwide. The phone before getting any positive footage is now under controversy as users are facing heating issues with the phone. Tech professionals are now debating on Sony Xperia Z5 Heating Problems Issues. It was just a day back when we wrote about the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact’s heating issue. News covered the readers like the jungle fire. This fire is burning the prospective users of Z5 series phones. The customers are getting confused where to trust or not the heating issue of Sony Xperia Z5. Some are taking it seriously and some are just ignoring like a gossip.

Xperia Z5 uses Snapdragon 810 processor which is known for its heating issues though, the processor works very well. If the heading increases up to certain level it can even lead to damage in the image. Which is defiantly a user never wants to see.

Xperia Z5 Does Get Over Heated

So let’s go a bit deeper in the issue to revel the truth behind the news.  We have read the comments of many users posted on sites like Reddit and chose one user with the name “Shampoo-planet”. He analyzed the issue of overheating and getting lagged at certain point. Even the users of Sony Xperia Z5 Compact are reportedly facing the same issue of the model getting over warmed.

If Temperature Rises Phone Might Shut Down

As narrated by “Shampoo-planet” the user of Z5, the phone does get over warm but not that worm that you can’t hold it in your palm. It’s just you will get worried with the instants of heat you will feel while holding the phone in your hands. He further added that the heating problem begin when he started shooting a 4K video and continue to capture for a long run however, nothing went wrong with the Apps due to this heat except a small lag after closing the app.

Shampoo-planet said when he started camera app in the heated phone; a warning appeared on his phone’s display which is definitely not satisfactory saying ‘The Device will get Shut Down’. Wherein he doesn’t experienced any shut down till now. Moreover, he was very much sure that this something he will get to see soon. He confirmed that phone’s heating made him worried, but not that as the people are describing it on the web. People are making a very big issue of this problem and confusing others about the phones performance.

Gaming Results in Over Warming, though Touch screen was completely Responsive

When the other users asked shampoo-planet, about his gaming experience with the phone. He said that the phone does get warm but not that much. Leaving the issue behind he said an hourly gaming experience was amazing with the phone. The touch screen was working very sound however games menu lag somewhere in between. This was avoidable. However, just after closing the game app the phone lagged for sometime though it is not that annoying.

Shooting 4K Video for a Long Duration Worsen the Heating Issue

He confirmed that he was able to launch the camera app perfectly even with the hot phone. He even supports the fact that the phone does get warm if shooing 4K videos for a longer duration of time.

He explained when he ran 4K video for 4 minute the phone get over warmed and when he review the video, the video is of 4 minute but running in a slow-motion. When he went back to camera app and jumbled up between different camera options the app automatically got shut down.

Final Statements

So making a long story short he said definitely the phone gets overheated if using heavy graphical games for a longer span of time and on prolong using of camera app, to be specific on using 4K video recorder app. Wherein there was no lag in touch response.

This makes the scenario very much clear that what is going on with this user is the same thing happening with another user of Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

We hope that the little effort of our team will make the picture clear in front of Sony Xperia Z5 phone and Sony Xperia Z5 compact users and help the prospective users to get an answer to the debate.

We even thank our user ‘shampoo-planet ‘who shared his precious views on Reddit and helped other users.

We even got an in hand news that Sony Xperia Z5’s team continually working over the issue and engineers have found a way to fix it. Hope that Sony will soon fix the issue of overheating Xperia Z5 Compact as this is certainly not good for Sony’s market image.

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