Golbin Army card has finally arrived on Clash Royale game. Goblin Gang is now available on Clash Royale for Android, Windows Phones and iPhone App Store.

Spawns Six Goblins

If you are a fan of Clash Royale game, then you will know what I am talking about.

Goblin Army is known as GoblinĀ Invasion orĀ Spawns Six Goblins or simply Goblin Gang. Whenever it’s used in an event, it will launch three goblins with knives and three with spears. It comes with a discounted Elixir cost and it’s almost like a Goblin Value Pack.

I am a big fan of Clash Royale Android game and Spawns Six Goblins is the newest card that you can find during the gameplay. For me, it shows coming up in six days but for some users, this card is already available.

For your info, Goblin Army is an Arena 9 common card and classified as troop because it’s army of Goblins. So that means that skeleton army has finally got competition.

Goblin Army Card Details

Card Class – Common
Type – Troop

Goblin Army Damage & Hit Points Details

Here is how the Goblin Army will perform at various levels during the gameplay.

Levels Damage DPS Hit points
Level 1 50 45 80
Level 2 55 50 88
Level 3 60 54 96
Level 4 66 60 106
Level 5 73 66 116
Level 6 80 72 128
Level 7 88 80 140
Level 8 96 87 154
Level 9 106 96 169
Level 10 116 105 186
Level 11 128 116 204
Level 12 140 127 224
Level 13 154 140 247

So, go out and get your Spawns Six Goblins aka the Goblin Army card.

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