Spice up Your Earning by Joining Viglink – One for Many Affiliates

You are running a blog because to make revenue. Isn’t it? If you are not satisfied with your Google AdSense earning, then you should try out some affiliate programs, Cost Per Mile programs and other ways of generating revenue parallel to AdSense. I am not going to list all those possible available but I will focus on one which has surprised me over last month earning.VigLink

Thanks to the person who has referred me to use VigLink. I signed up and added the snippet into my site and after when I checked my stats, I was really surprised to see the earnings. I wouldn’t say to use VigLink leaving AdSense, the good thing is you can use both of them parallel on your site.

So what actually is Viglink? Is it a CPC site or PPI or CPM site? Different from all these, in my words VigLink is “affiliate of affiliates”. Let me expand it for you – by adding VigLink snippet into your site, it reads your content and automatically converts them to affiliate links. If you are a guy like me tired of adding managing many affiliates like AmazonFlipkart, IndiaPlaza, CJ, Clickbank, ShareaSale, then effortlessly go for VigLink. It also doesn’t require for you to sign up for those affiliate programs as well and coming to its working, it’s explained below.

How Does it Work

Thanks to the official site that I don’t need to explain you how does it work as this infographic shows you all –

So just add the code on your blog and give it 7 days to optimize your site, you are ready to see affiliate commission from your blog. And in your post you might see so me automated links added, if you mouse over it, you will find “Link added by VigLink” text. This is how ads are shown on my blog  –

Plus if you have a referral you are bound to make a good commission from them for the first year only. And I hope you signing up with my referral link will not hurt you. Thanks in Advance!

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