Sprint 4G LTE Plus Network is announced offering 50% discount making it as the biggest wireless discount in USA history.

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Sprint 4G LTE Plus
Sprint vs T-Mobile LTE Plus Plans Comparison

While some developing countries are is still expanding the 3G coverage, telecom operators like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon & AT&T in United States are stepping ahead in competition. After 4G LTE & VoLTE expansion which is an ongoing process, Sprint announces LTE Plus network.

Launching Sprint LTE Plus network in 77 major locations in United States, Sprint joins other network operators in the race providing top speed of up to 100 Mbps. Well this is not just the launch, they are offering much more than that, offering never seen 50 percent discount as compared to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon rate plans.

Sprint 4G LTE Plus
AT&T vs Sprint's LTE Plus Shared Data plans comparison

Sprint 4G LTE Plus Price, Plans

This offer runs from November 20 to January 8, 2016 and the prices are applicable until January 8, 2018 offering you discount of up to $650 altogether. So hurry up.

 Sprint LTE Plus Plans

1 Line

2 Line

3 Line

4 Line

2 GB Per Line

$25 $40 $45 $50

6 GB Per Line

$32.50 $50 $60 $70

10 GB Per Line

$40 $60 $75 $90

So that's exactly half the pricing for 1 line/2 lines/3 lines and 4 lines when compared to T-Mobile plans.

Here is the Sprint's 4G LTE Plus coverage map -

Sprint 4G LTE Plus
Sprint's LTE Plus Coverage Map Across USA | © Sprint

If you are on Sprint and need high-speed data download speed, then it's the right time to upgrade to the latest technology. Sadly I am from India, or else I could have straightaway jumped to Sprint from any other network.