Subway Surfers Mumbai World Tour January 2014 is here. Check the Subways Surfers Mumbai apk download, tips for unlimited coins & iOS/Android download.

Technos Amigos team wishes you a very Happy New Year once again along with Subway Surfers as “Subway Surfers Mumbai” world tour has arrived. Explore the colorful streets of Mumbai city as the world tour now reaches India. Just like Christmas dolls as the weekly hunt, you need to collect lotus flower and earn prizes for completing those weekly tasks.Subway Surfers Mumbai

Jay Mumbai Special Character: This month Subway Surfers features Jay Mumbai Special character, looks like mostly Bhaag Milka Bhaag. It can be purchased for 95,000 coins.

Subway Surfers Mumbai Subway Surfers Mumbai Subway Surfers Mumbai

Through the Subways of Mumbai the task for Jack remains still the same but there is change of tracks and fresh destination city for a whole month. Unleash new weekly hunt and enjoy the never ending game on your handset by updating it today. For those who don’t know about Subway Surfers, its one of the popular & most played iOS/Android mobile game.

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We have already discussed about Subway Surfers 2014 World Tour, Mumbai is the first city to be added to the list and this update is been rolled out to all the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS and Android devices. If you aren’t able to get it, then go to Play Store/ App Store on your phone and search for Subway Surfers, you will automatically get the option of Update instead of Download link.

Subway Surfers Mumbia Play Store Link

Subway Surfers Mumbia App Store Link

Subway Surfers Mumbai APK download

Subway Surfers Mumbai Rating – 4.5 / 5