Download Super Mario Run for PC | Windows & Mac

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run for PC supporting Windows and Mac is coming before end of the year.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the Nintendo’s charming designer made a surprise appearance on the stage where iPhone 7 was launched. That surprising announcement was part of Super Mario Run announcement.

Download Super Mario Run for PC

Inspired by Pokemon Go, Nintendo will create a new game called “Super Mario Run” through which they will be featuring several interesting levels of Mario. The Super Mario Run will be available for iPhone September 26 [expected] and for Android later this year.

While featuring a demo on iPhone on stage, Miyamoto said that you can play the game single handed. You just need to tap to make Mario jump and avoiding the obstacles that comes through your path, you need to reach the goal. To make the game more interesting, Nintendo will be adding time limits for each levels. So, after Pokemon Go craze, it’s time to be Mario king again.

Those who played Mario during their young age will be loving this move from Nintendo.

To get Super Mario Run on PC [Windows & Mac] you will need any of the Android emulator. One of the most famous Android emulator is BlueStacks. You can also use Andy which is available for both Windows and Mac.

We are just waiting for the official Super Mario Run release. Once it’s available you can play it directly on your PC because we need to grab Super Mario Run APK in order to make it play on BlueStacks.

Pokemon Go was hit overnight, Nintendo will be hoping for same magic.

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