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Tag: Android M

Download the Google Android M Developer Preview, Default wallpapers and other stock Apps for Android Phones. Check Android M features, improvements, update for Nexus/other phones.

How to Enable Multi-Window on Android Marshmallow Phones

In this guide we will help you about how you can activate Multi-Window on Android Marshmallow feature using any one of the method.

It's Android M 5.2, not 6.0 - Confirms Android M Demo...

An Android M screenshot suggests that Android M version will be 5.2 not 6.0 as rumored earlier. Check Android M 5.2 features, changelog, release date.

Skipping Android 5.1, LG G3 to get Direct Android M Update

LG G3 is said to skip the Android 5.1 update and go straightaway to Android M update. Check LG G3 Android M update release date, details, improvements.

Download Android M Default Wallpapers

Google Android Android M Developer Preview coming with stock wallpapers and here in this guide checkout how to download Android M default wallpapers.

Download Android M Developer Preview for Nexus 6, 5, 9

Android M Developer Preview is now available for Nexus devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Player for TV. Download Android M Developer Preview.

Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones - Android 6.0...

Guide to Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones aka the Android 6.0 Launcher apk.

Will Android M be named as Android Macadamia Nut Cookie

As we arrive close to Google I/O 2015 launch, we get rumors of what will be the name of Android M or the Android 6.0. Will it be Android Macadamia Nut Cookie?

Android 6.0 aka the Android M – Release Date, Features

After Android 5.0 it should be Android 6.0 or simply the Android M OS. Check Android 6.0 features, changelog and release date.