The below guide explains on how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Avant T-Mobile phone.

Congratulations on your new Samsung Galaxy Avant purchase from T-Mobile and you are right in terms of choice for choosing the most affordable 4G LTE smartphone on the carrier. Without any further delay we would be explaining you the process on how to take screenshot on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Avant Photos

Galaxy Avant Screenshot

Sometimes when we achieve high score while playing Subway Surfers or Temple Run game or encountered a mysterious that you don’t know, you can simply take screenshot of it and show to other people on forums, WhatsApp and get help. This is where taking screenshot feature on smartphone is available.

Following our guide explains how to take screenshot on T-Mobile Galaxy Avant using the available hardware combinations of buttons and doesn’t require you to have a separate app installed. The guide is so simple that a novice user can take screenshot and doesn’t even require to have root access enabled on your phone.

  • On your phone make sure to locate the Power button and Home button.
  • Now you need to press and hold the Power button and Home button together for few seconds (2 seconds will do it). Hold it until you see screen flashing with screenshot.Samsung Galaxy Avant Screenshot
  • You will also hear the shutter sound on your phone.

This means that screenshot has been taken on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Avant phone and all the screenshots that you take are stored on Gallery > Screenshot folder.