Unlike most of the apps which requires root access to install third party screenshot apps of what is visible on your phone’s 5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, your Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t need to fulfill those requirement. As such you can take screenshot on your Galaxy S4 directly without the need of root or third party paid or free apps. You might know that taking screenshot is the stock feature on phones with Android 4.0 and higher.

There are many reason why you would like to capture screenshot of your device. Achieving high score on Tokyo Subway Surfers game or popped up with an issue or error. Whatever it maybe, we have listed here two stock methods available for Samsung Galaxy S4. Follow these instructions –

Method 1: Combination of Button Methods

  • This method is done by pressing certain combination of buttons on your phone. All the Samsung Galaxy phones include this feature and for Galaxy S4, you need to press and hold the Power Button and Home button at the same time.Galaxy S4 Screenshot
  • This is one of the easiest method to take screenshot. At first you might have trouble taking screenshot but once you learn it, you are ready to rock and roll.
  • Once you take the screenshot, a message will appear on notification bar. All the screenshots are saved under directory /Pictures/Screenshots and you can make use of Gallery app to view screenshot capture.

Method 2: Using Hand Motion

  • Go to Menu and then tap on Settings.
  • Now selection Motion and under Hand Motion Settings tick the “Palm Swipe to Capture” checkbox.
  • Now you can move your palm on the screen from left to right or vice versa. Either way it will take a screenshot on your device that you are currently viewing.Air Gesture Galaxy S4 Screenshot
  • You can go to Gallery to view saved screenshots under /Pictures/Screenshots directory.

It’s time to get started capturing some cool images. Comments are free to post, leave one if you have any questions.