Here is the list of top smartphones on Sprint and their amazing smart features and latest technologies used in the devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note IISamsung Galaxy Note II

Smartphones are becoming high performance devices with the introduction of all new Galaxy Note II from Samsung. One could find lot of amazing features that make the phone rich and indispensable. Hardware is very much elegant and this gives the phone a stylish look. Applications are made highly interactive with the new S pen and this enhances productivity and entertainment of the device. Galaxy note offers multiple options to interact and one can touch, hover, scribble or speak to command the device.

This smartphone comes with the latest Android 4.1 OS of Google and the HD Super AMOLED Plus technology making the device suitable for any task.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Galaxy SIIISamsung Galaxy SIII

The Galaxy S III from Samsung is completely powered with Android offering interactive and sophisticated mobile phone experience. Communication can be the quickest where users can send any data- photos, videos and information in not time. Accessing multiple applications at a time is made easy with the high powered processor making the smartphone an impressive device to use.

The Galaxy S III is featured with an amazing display of 4.8 inches along with an ultra- thin bezel which enhances the viewing portion. The Gorilla Glass over the display adds more protection to the screen and makes the phone highly responsive to touch. Galaxy S III is really a smart device.

Samsung Galaxy SIII is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Galaxy SII EpicGalaxy SII Epic

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic is a fourth generation premium smartphone powered with Android OS. The innovation in its display and speed has made this device suitable for experiencing all kinds of multi- layered entertainments. The Galaxy Epic is featured with the latest 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Samsung Exynos, which is highly powerful to enable ultra- speed connectivity, fastest downloads, 3G and 4G networking without lag time and multi- tasking.

The 4.52 inch display is wide enough to enjoy the entertainments of the phone giving more depth and richness to the colors. The Galaxy S II Epic is a right device for fun lovers.

Galaxy SII Epic is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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The new Evo LTE from HTC is an excellent smartphone with electrifying high definition display of 4.7 inch. The 8 mega pixel camera in this device shall bring every moment alive with its highly perfect photos and videos. The device is also equipped with high definition audio which enables the user to listen music in the same way the artist has composed them.

Voices would be crisp and clear and every beat will have a unique space. With the powerful 1.5 GHz dual core processor, downloading and watching a full length movie will be more easy and fun. HTC Evo LTE is a device with vital statistics and a premium design.

HTC Evo LTE is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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LG Optimus GLG Optimus G

With a premium Quad core processor, LG’s latest smartphone, Optimus G gives an enhanced device performance while working with multiple applications. The responsiveness of applications and the image processing are made faster and effective by this powerful processor. The operating system used in this device is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of the advanced features in this mobile are the flexible home screens, efficient multitasking, customizable widgets and high- speed networking.

Incorporating a 4.7 inch wide touch screen, the display of the device is made super bright suitable for an excellent video conferencing experience. LG Optimus G is an excellent smart phone with high definition features.

LG Optimus G is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazing product which combines the hardware of Samsung and the experience of Google with 4G LTE. This smartphone uses the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS with completely redesigned user interface. This enhances the features like multitasking, notifications, browsing and many more. This is a device in which users can enjoy next generation features like face unlock. There is software to recognize users’ face and unlock the device which ensures safety.

The advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) feature enables the users to bring- in all facilities of Google Wallet into the mobile for making safe payments anywhere across the world. Nexus is the phone for next generation.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Samsung Galaxy VictorySamsung Galaxy Victory

This is a smartphone that gives a lot in a very little space. Samsung Galaxy Victory is a fourth generation LTE premium device with Android OS. One can experience the true feel of multitasking and rich web- browsing in this device which also facilitates effortless switching between applications in no time. The 1.2 GHz dual core processor enables any video chats, conferencing, movie downloads and surfing at extraordinary speeds.

The NFC technology, Android beam, S Beam and Google wallet benefits the users in number of ways and all these premium features are available without the need for paying a premium price.

Samsung Galaxy Victory is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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LG MachLG Mach

One of the thinnest QWERTY devices from Sprint is the LG’s latest Mach which is just 0.48 inches wide. This smartphone uses the Android 4.0 OS and is the best choice for new 4G LTE users. There is a super slim keyboard that enables traditional texting. The camera technology is highly advanced with a 5 MP camera for snap shots and a front camera for video conferencing and video calls.

This is much suitable for taking all business notes and make instant drawings directly on the device and use the same for sharing using the Quick-memo feature. This is a smartphone for business people and students.

LG Mach is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Motorola Photon QMotorola Photon Q

The most attractive feature of the all new Motorola Photon Q is its QWERTY keyboard which is elegant. This helps in fast typing even in dark as they are provided with edge- lit keys. With an amazing 8GB internal memory which is further expandable, one shall have unlimited storage of songs, videos and information. The display is about 4.3 inches with full color- boost and the screen is completely scratch resistant.

This wonderful smartphone features an 8 mega pixel rear camera with 1080p high definition which capture every moment in live and also a 1.3 MP front camera. This phone is highly adjustable to automate everyday tasks of users.

Motorola Photon Q is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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Samsung Array PhoneSamsung Array Phone

This all new Array phone from Samsung is featured with 2.4” LCD display and also a sliding keypad. The display is larger for a fine view of icons and the slider enables easy texting. This device is equipped to receive optional alerts from national, state or local emergency officials through WEA.

Taking snap shots are made very simple and easy. These can be uploaded and shared with friends in less time. The 480 MHz processor enables high speed internet gaming and downloads. This device supports broadband 3G, sprint TV, music store, GPS and navigation. This is the smartphone for texting and calls.

Samsung Array Phone is priced at $ 0.01 and available at Amazon Wireless.

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The list of top smartphones also include Samsung M400, LG Viper 4G, LG Rumor Reflex, Samsung Transform Ultra, LG Optimus Elite, Kyocera Duracore Phone, Motorola Admiral, ZTE Fury Android, Sprint Flash 4G Android, Samsung Galaxy Victory and many more.