The Best Gifts for Gamers


Gifts are one of the best ways to show your appreciation. It is synonymous with occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, and festivities; however, there is no written rule that states presents can only be given during these times. People also generally agree that it is harder to find gifts for men than for women, although giving the perfect gift has always been challenging regardless of who it is for. It’s a great help if you know the person or at least have an idea of what the person likes.

Online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds, and the number of people getting into it has increased tremendously. It won’t come as a surprise, then, if you have one friend who is a gamer, a geek, or both. Geeky gifts should be easy to find, right? If you’re looking for guidance, here are some gift ideas for you:

Gaming Gear

Gamers are gearheads, and the serious ones pay great attention to the gear they use. There are known brands out there, but knowing what the person prefers is the best way to go.

  • Gaming laptop – Gamers who travel constantly will appreciate a great gaming laptop. It’s easier to choose one, too, as there are tons of available online information discussing everything and anything about this gear.
  • Keyboard – Gamers are focused on the game, and they mostly rely on touch feedback as their fingers become busy with their mapped buttons and shortcuts. When purchasing a keyboard as a gift, think:
    • Tactile
    • Responsiveness
    • Lighting

Too soft and the gamer would have to keep glancing on the keyboard to make sure the right button is pushed. Too hard and the player may have to exert additional effort to press a key, tiring him out faster. It also helps if the keys they use are the only ones lit up.

  • Mouse – You can use the same thinking approach for a gaming keyboard with a gaming mouse. Aside from the three characteristics above, also add:
    • Configuration – There are mouse designs that incorporate more buttons than the usual two-button setup. Users can configure the mouse buttons to match their game style. Sensitivity can also be set by adjusting the dpi (dots per inch) settings of the gaming mouse.
    • Connection type – This can either be wired or wireless. Most gamers prefer a wired USB gaming mouse as wireless ones are vulnerable to lag.
  • Headset – Audio quality adds to the gaming experience. Choose one that offers:
    • Comfort – This means well-padded ear cushions, lightweight material, and excellent heat dissipation.
    • Wide frequency range – from the faintest footstep to the loudest pin-drop, gamers can take advantage of these sounds and also prevent other players from getting the jump on them.
    • Audio quality – It’s not just about the frequency range; it’s also about how well the sound is delivered to the player. It’s good to ask whether the gamer likes full surround sound or stereo channel.
    • Microphone – This is great for in-game communication with other players. Noise cancellation and unidirectional sensitivity are major features to look for so that voice is delivered clearly while ambient noises are drowned out.
  • Game controllers – Console gamers usually use game controllers and computer users use the keyboard-mouse combo, although some gamers also use game controllers for certain PC games. Common controller platforms are Xbox and PlayStation, so check which one your friend prefers.

Note, however, that the items on this list are on the pricier side.

Gaming Accessories

Accessories need not be things that affect gameplay. These can be brand merchandise like shirts, action figures, and other collectibles.

For gameplay-related accessories:

  • Mousepad – Find one that is smooth but not slippery and wider than the regular mousepad.
  • VR System – For that immersion into virtual reality.
  • Glasses – Eye strain is one of the problems gamers encounter. Gift them with special lenses that filter screen glare to help protect their eyes.
  • Gaming chair – Regular chairs and couches will not cut it for the serious gamer. Gaming chairs are designed to provide support and comfort for extended playtime.
  • Hand exerciser – Hours of playing can cause muscle and joint stiffness especially on the hands. Stress balls or exercise grips are useful tools to relieve tension.
  • Stress support – The wrist, neck, and lower back are physical stress points for most gamers. Neck pillows, lower back cushions, and wrist support bands are great inexpensive gifts.


Cost rarely matters when a friend receives a present from you. It’s usually the thought that counts more. Focus on quality and durability for it is a given that your present will be put into good use – maybe even a bit of abuse. Do your research, and you should be able to decide which gift is best for your gamer friend.

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