Things You Should Know When Purchasing a Used Phone

Used mobile phone

It is exciting to finally hold the new phone that you have been saving up for. You have checked through the phone, and you are appeased that it has all the features you so desire, but there is one problem. The price tag is a few hundred above your budget. And your budget cannot allow you to purchase the new version, but you can still get used phones of the same make. Well, having this option is incredible, but before you exchange your cash for a used phone, be sure to familiarize yourself with a few things first.

  1. It may or may not be boxed

There is a joyous sensation that comes when you are unboxing something new. Unfortunately, some used phones do not come with the luxury of having a box. If you look at it from a different angle, the package might be of little use to you since the object of interest is the phone itself. So it is not a big issue, but do not be shocked when your seller hands you an unboxed device. However, manufacturer refurbished phones come in boxes, and they are in the category of used phones.

  1. It may miss a few Accessories

Used phones may miss a few accessories such as the earphones, data transfer cable, fast charging cables and sometimes the charger. And you are forced to purchase the missing accessories separately. This, notwithstanding, is just a possibility as some come with all the accessories under the same purchase. Some of these accessories may not be the exact ones that were initially boxed with the phone, but what the seller matched up.

  1. May have Small Issues

These phones may come with a few problems that do not interfere with their functionality. Some have minor scratches on the screens; others have torches that don’t light, and some may have a cracked front camera. All these are problems that eliminated them from being sold at full price, despite them being in excellent functioning shape. In as much as you may not need these features, it is better to know about them beforehand.

Regardless, you should still be cautious when making the purchase; the seller may have withheld some info on additional issues the device has.

  1. Battery life may have decreased

Manufacturer refurbished phones may not have this issue, but buying one from a friend might. Batteries wear out because of continuous use. Some, however, wear out faster if the previous owner used a lousy charger that messed up the battery.

Having this in mind will save you a lot of headaches as you know it is a possibility. If you have no other option, consider buying a new battery and have it replaced by a professional. Check out performance testing of mobile phone battery.

  1. You may be tricked into a Wrong Purchase

Buying second-hand items is always a risk. The chances are slim when you are buying from a friend, but its daily news on items purchased through the Internet. A malicious seller might want to get rid of the faulty device for quick money and disappear once you make the exchange. With that said, you have to be cautious and avoid buying second-hand phones via the internet. Instead, get one from a trusted seller.

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