5 Tips Push Notification to Engage Mobile App Users

Engage app users

In the past few years, the mobile industry has grown without any limits and continues to grow even more. So, marketing experts have also turned their focus towards mobile technology so that they serve their organizations in achieving their overall objectives. Because with the increase of mobile devices, the mobile apps are also increasing which have become the appropriate platform for interacting with your targeted business audience.

But Creating a mobile app might be easy but maintaining it is certainly not. So, here in the same regard, we are going to provide you with the top five tips where you can utilize the powerful push notifications tool for increasing mobile app engagements. Here let’s go:

Communicate With Them At Stage:

When your users download your mobile application on their devices then you can assume that your users are going to come across at various different levels in their journey through your app. So, you can plan to interact with them at every different level in different ways.

For example, when they download your app then greet them with a welcome message and suggest some activity as well. When they like any product then offer them a good deal for collective buying from your store. Further, when they place a purchase order then provide them with absolute delivery details. All you can do this in a very simple manner by adopting the powerful react-native push notifications.

Award Their Loyalty With Reward Points:

Mobile app engagements can better be improved by focusing on the retention of existing customers rather than just aiming at attracting more and more new users. And for retaining your existing users forever with your mobile app, you are certainly required to provide them with some extra benefits which you can easily convey to them via react-native push notifications.

Now there could be many ways where you can reward your existing users as well. For example, when they complete their first purchase with your app then you can immediately send them a welcome message for being your customer along with some coupon codes as well as reward points which they can use during their next purchase and avail themselves the best discount. This strategy absolutely helps your business in increasing your app user engagements.

Keep Reminding Your Users About Valuable Updates:

Here the one thing that you certainly need to keep in mind is that even if you have managed well in achieving the huge number of downloads for your mobile app then still it would not be enough for increasing your user engagements. This is because there are so many users who only download your app on their devices just for the time being but they forget to interact with it further.

Now here comes your role and responsibility to remind your users about your mobile app which you can simply do by utilizing the react native push notifications. So, let them know about your upcoming offers and schemes. Along with this, you can also trigger their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor by creating a sense of urgency such as this offer valid only till this Friday.

Approach Them As Per Their Interaction Level:

There are different types of users who obviously act differently while interacting with your mobile app. Some of your users will fall in the same category who already have purchased something from your store but only for once but they never came back. And there will be some others who have added products on their shopping carts but they haven’t purchased anything yet from your store. Then comes the third type of users who have just downloaded the app but they haven’t interacted with it further.

Now based on these different categories of your app users, you can approach them differently via creating different react native push notifications for them. For example, for the first category, you can send them a ‘we missed you’ message and offer them a great deal. In the same way, approach differently to the second and third category as well.

Choose Ratings And Referrals Strategy:

When you create a mobile app for the public then here you are going to find two different types of users i.e. active and lazy. Now for improving your mobile app engagements, you obviously need better interactions for which you certainly require active users.

So, here for finding your active users, simply ask your audience to give you ratings or feedback comments for your mobile app performance via react-native push notifications. Now the active users will obviously acknowledge your push notification messages. With this, you will be able to achieve your two targets simultaneously. The first one is, creating the user app engagements and secondly, you are going to have your user’s opinion about your mobile app and now you can make necessary changes if required. Apart from this, here you can further ask your active users to refer your brand to their friends and you can offer them referral points in exchange.


In this article, we have provided you with the top five powerful tips which you can adopt for increasing mobile app engagements. So, you can use all these tips one by one for boosting your app interactions that will eventually boost your sales and profits as well. 

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