Not too long did Tizen a new mobile OS was leaked. The source provided us the information that Samsung has developed the Tizen OS and today the SDK and the source code of Tizen 2.0 is available for download. The Tizen 2.0 is named as Magnolia and it’s available for download at the official site.Tizen OS Photos

Tizen 2.0 Features

The new Tizen 2.0 has many new features and improvements included when compared with Tizen 1.0 and 2.0 alpha built. The following are the improvements and enhancements included in the Tizen 2.0 –

  • Enhanced web framework
  • Web UI framework includes full screen and multi window support
  • APIs for Bluetooth, NFC support
  • Access to device Calendar, call history and messaging subsystems
  • Runtime framework supports new configurations elements
  • Native framework support providing full featured app development
  • Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, Phone, Settings, and Video Player added to native apps
  • Chrome based JavaScript Inspector
  • JavaScript log viewer
  • Native IDE providing project wizard, uni test tool

Tizen OS ScreenShots

The following are the Tizen OS screenshots -

Apart from this bigger changelog, the Tizen 2.0 user interface and screenshots were out. Looks like it will be the final user interface and if at all any changes made to it, they will be minor ones.

Download Tizen 2.0 SDK