6 Tech Tools To Help You Close Sales Faster

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A good tool can transform a difficult job into an easy one. It is true for online sales as much as for anything else. Closing sales is the most important part because a deal isn’t finished until the purchase is made. There are many tools to help you close, and here are six crucial ones.

CRM: Zendesk Sell

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it refers to software helping companies track all the communication with their leads and clients. No more confusing spreadsheets or scrolling through countless emails. With a good CRM, you will have all the needed information in one place before closing the sale.

Our choice is Zendesk Sell as it is easy to use, inexpensive, with comprehensive analytics, and has a large number of guides and forum posts for troubleshooting. It has one of the easiest integrations with already existing client databases, but building it from the bottom isn’t hard as well.

It might be the best CRM software for small and starting businesses, as scaling your project won’t be a problem. Businesses already using their help desk features will benefit from this CRM even more, but Zendesk Sell works perfectly well as a standalone CRM too.

Live video tool: Snapcall

A phone call or an email is rarely enough to close the deal quickly. We all are used to tons of sales pitches in our inboxes, and phone calls are a sign of scammers these days. Easy-to-integrate and low-effort video software for sales is what many businesses look for to increase their online sales.

Increased customer engagement, the ability to showcase products better, and resolve doubts as they arise are only a few of the benefits video software for sales may bring. More importantly, video experience enables sales representatives to guide the prospect through the buying process while keeping him committed to closing the sale.

SnapCall deserves your attention because of its innovative solutions for integrating the on-to-one video chat experience on your website. It doesn’t bring much hassle to potential customers while also implementing direct pay, screen sharing, and other solutions. Video software for sales rarely gets any better.

SEO: Google Analytics

While traditionally, search engine optimization (SEO) was meant for bringing prospects to your website, it can also give you some actionable insights for closing sales faster. Knowing where the visitors arrive, how long they stay, and what pages they leave from will give you plenty of ideas for improvement.

Even better is that Google Analytics can also track sales, which shows or allows you to derive many metrics that directly relate to your website’s monetary value. Such as the conversion rate, customer acquisition costs, cost per click, and many others.

There are many tools more powerful for SEO than Google analytics. However, for your sales team, Google dashboard is the best choice. It is free, and you probably have it set up already, so most of the data is there. In addition, figuring out analytics will help with many more functions Google can do.

Customer research: SurveyMonkey

If the data generated from your website isn’t enough, you can always ask for more. Customer surveys are essential for making an effective sales plan. You must know your customer’s demographics, purchase seasonality, satisfaction rates, other product preferences, and many more metrics.

The data must be neatly organized for you to make sense of it, so a simple form won’t be enough. In addition, a well-designed survey from a good provider will have significantly higher response rates.

SurveyMonkey is one of the best-known survey software providers. Not only do they have a great platform for creating surveys, but they also can help you find a relevant audience to question for almost any topic.

Virtual agent: Ultimate.ai

One of the most common reasons a customer abandons a shopping cart is when they do not receive an answer to a question on time. Your sales representatives might not always be available even if you have some advanced features implemented, such as video software for sales.

Replacing your employees with a chatbot for such scenarios is a common practice for businesses. It might not be the best customer experience, as automatic messages aren’t very accurate. But the availability of a decently working robot makes up for this drawback and is a worthy investment.

Chat and ticket automation services might take a lot of time to build from the start. So it is important to receive support from the provider and have the bot running as fast as possible. Ultimate.ai is a leading provider of virtual agents with a lot of experience and a pricing model adjusted for your needs.

Customer feedback platform: Trustpilot

Purchasing online makes it easy for customers to seek alternative sources and compile a fuller picture of a product or service. One of the main sources of information is review sites. Often, the sale is not closed because the customer has searched for reviews online and found negative ones changing his mind.

Having a strong presence on such sites is crucial for all online businesses. A company without any reviews is worse than one with many negative ones. If you have your business registered on review sites and monitor what’s incoming, you can react to negative reviews quickly and not allow them to impact your future sales.

Trustpilot is gaining traction as a go-to place for reviews on the internet. Creating an account costs nothing, and you will be able to verify your business get some free advertising and secure yourself from the possibility of fraud. Most importantly, you will be able to answer customer reviews officially and help them with any troubles they might have.


Here it is – six tools that will help you close sales faster. Whether they will work for you depends on the product, market, and execution. Still, at least one of them will work, as all of these tools solve the most common problems of the internet age.

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