Top 10 Technology Trends For 2020

Technology trends

Staying on top of the latest technologies has become the main goal of many business owners. With the discoveries and innovations appearing every day, failing to catch one of them on time could spell disaster.

That’s why besides discovering what works now, it’s vital to look into the future. Some companies have specifically designated employees looking for new trends. As the New Year begins, let’s look at the top-10 technology trends waiting for us in 2020. Following them closely could mean staying ahead of the competition.

1. New Horizons for Digital Reality

As companies are focused on improving clients’ experience, they are digging deeper into changing the reality to show something important without leaving the store/sofa/office.

In 2020, we are likely to see a massive shift from the 2D computer screen and a keyboard to a multi-dimensional interface that sends us to the world of interactive tech. The immersive experience involves virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, sensing technologies, and much more.

The way we see the digital world is changing. AI has changed the way we interact with it. What we used to perceive with our eyes, we’ll be able to feel and understand with other sensory organs. This new trend already has a name – ambient experience.

2. Blending Humans and Tech

Do RoboCop, Wolverine, and Terminator still appear a little out of our reach, 2020 is likely to help human augmentation take another step forward. Technology is helping humans improve both physically and cognitively. While we don’t see people pushing metal claws out of their knuckles yet, it doesn’t mean such augmentation is impossible to achieve.

Boston Dynamics has developed several augmentation technologies that could be used by humans for their everyday work.

Smart devices and wearables are already changing the way we live. They don’t just help set physical goals but protect us in some working environments and improve productivity. New developments in this direction aren’t far behind.

3. Driverless Vehicles

Companies all over the world are working toward creating the perfect autonomous vehicle. Plenty of discussions are revolving around this concept. Some driverless vehicles have already been tested in different countries.

However, the safety as well as responsibility for an accident, if any, is still being contemplated. Tesla, Waymo, Alphabet and other companies are working hard toward making driverless vehicles suitable for everyday driving. In 2020, they are likely to take a significant step toward this achievement.

Most likely, we would have to wait longer for laws and regulations regarding these vehicles to appear than we would to see them ready to conquer the roads.

4. Technology Democratization

Since technology is power, access to it is currently somewhat regulated. Some people have more rights than others. In the third decade of the 21st century, the world is likely to start working toward the democratization of technology.

What it means is giving access to the technical domain to everyone who requests it. For example, non-IT professionals would have access to tools and systems that can help them apply skills beyond their training. According to experts at a software tech company from Dallas, it would give software developers new opportunities, thus helping create better products.

5. AI Shaping Industries

While Boston Dynamics is creating amazingly human-like robots, artificial intelligence is hardly the new word in the IT realm. AI technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated. For example, in 2020, we are likely to see delivery robots.

The main problem with robots living among us is safety. However, the benefits they can bring are so tremendous, developers are working hard to make such machines part of society. Prospects for AI-powered devices are enormous. Their growth and development are some of the key technology trends of the next decade.

6. Medical Tech

New technologies, such as 3D printing, are opening new possibilities for the medical field. Today, prosthetics are among the most demanded areas in medicine. With 3D printing, creating top-notch bionic body parts is becoming a reality.

Some of such parts are already in use. For example, high-quality ear implants are helping people who have lost hope to regain their hearing, live a normal life.

Meanwhile, organ-on-a-chip technology is helping develop new medications by seeing how an organ reacts to a certain environment without being placed in it.

Another technological advance in the medical field has to do with telemedicine. In 2020, virtual diagnosis and treatment are becoming a reality.

7. Blockchain Power

Blockchain is already changing the way some companies do business. By providing transparency and enabling payments while taking the third party out of the mix, it’s the new word in the financial realm. Improving cash flow, reducing transaction times, maintaining anonymity and much more is highly appealing to modern society.

Blockchain is also an excellent tool for asset tracking, thus contributing to a transparent supply chain.

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Another benefit of blockchain is using smart contracts. They eliminate the possibility of fraud almost fully, thus making transactions and service exchanges easier and more productive.

The power of blockchain is likely to be exploited and tweaked in 2020 to be applied in different areas.

8. Better Security

As the power of AI and Machine Learning is changing the world, security is becoming the top concern. In 2020, many companies will focus on creating better technologies to protect personal information, avoid cloud invasion, watch AI-powered systems, and anticipate dishonest use of AI by hackers.

9. 5G Network

5G is becoming a new power in the area of wireless communications. It can work at a maximum speed of 20 GB/s. For an individual user, the speed could be as high as 10 GB/s, eliminating latency and slow response times.

5G has a great potential of transforming the Internet and providing a more personalized web experience via network slicing. Even though 5G is already available in some parts of the world, in 2020, it’s likely to conquer South Korea, China, Japan, the USA, and some other countries.

10. IoT Deployment

While IoT has already made its way into our lives, it’s not as world-encompassing as it could be. By 2020, with the appearance of 5G, we can expect a transformation we’ve all been waiting for with smart cities emerging and mainstream IoT applications reaching scale.

Businesses all over the world will be producing products while keeping IoT in mind. From smart light switches to smart parking, people are likely to see a rise in IoT-related convenience this year. You can also check out the future of IoT for reading more.

Following the latest technological developments can assist with shaping your business and preparing for possible changes. These trends can help you meet 2020 in stride. 

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