Top 6 Android Smartphone Apps You Won’t Miss

Life becomes easy when featured with a lot of smart apps that assist almost every action you perform in doing the calculative tasks and joyful jobs. For every smartphone user, the biggest edge in hand is to put the bulk of the application in phone memory to revive his free time with packed activities and good time pass. For this very reason, it often becomes difficult to decide between millions of applications in the Android aftermarket.

Top Android Smartphone Apps

Top Android Smartphone Apps

We help you distinguish a few of them as best ranked in the weekly list of authenticated ranking through sources. Android phones can be useful at times when you have meant-worthy applications in them.

Let’s have a look at the best application of this week are:


Skyfire is one of the latest mobile phone browsers for Android phones that have the lowest memory consumption and it works faster than any other old crap browser. The application itself works smartly. It shares the fasted data package options and gives rapid streaming of HD videos and other web stuff.


Evernote is another amazing application that is a centralized and dominant note point of your phone. It can run all formats of documentation and it automatically synchronizes with your cloud space. It prompts every file from you could account and provides you a fast retrieval of files.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is a useful tool to scan the bar codes of daily use items that bear a barcode to get their information and their prices with less time consumption. Rather you take everything to the information counter and spend a lot of time, now you can do this all in a short time.

Loyalty Checker

As you can see the name, Loyalty Checker is a lie-detecting application. You have to launch the application and then various tools can assist you in finding the strength of the opponent’s voice and claims. You can easily judge whether the person in front of you is speaking the truth or not. But look, it may not be precise every time.


Mint is another amazing application that synchronizes with all the available details of your bank accounts. Once you have to insert the required information of your account into it, and furthermore, it fetches all the latest screens of your accounts and related promotions of that bank through the internet. Application is guaranteed safe and it holds no chance of information leakage. Infect you can trust Mint while giving information about your account. It’s personal between you and your Mint.

Places Discovery

Places Discovery is a navigation application that helps you finding out your desired destination. It contains authenticated local maps that allow you to explore the entire location from one single point. You just have to enter the name of location or stay point and it locates the nearby desired place. The application is absolutely free and you can download it from the internet.

A comprehensive overlook to these applications persists the fact that you must have them in your phone, and in case you lose any one of them, get them back soon. These applications are worth keeping and they assist you much in your routine life.

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