5 top apps for Hairstylists

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If you’re a hairstylist, you probably know that no matter how skilled and talented you are, you’ll always have to work hard to keep your clients happy and improve your performance. Luckily, you live in the tech era when your phone can provide you with solutions to almost any issue. It probably has tons of apps, and as you scroll through them, you wonder if they can serve your needs. Well, if you install new ones, put them in order, and delete those you don’t use, you can make great use of them. Here is a list of apps you’ll find quite helpful for your job. 


An appointment scheduling app can help you increase your profit. All hairstylists want to have their calendars fully booked, but it’s an impossible task to achieve without professional help. Clients often forget about their appointments, which means time and money are lost for you and your business. However, if you use a hairstylist booking app like Appointfix, you can prevent scheduling issues from happening. The app sends text messages to remind clients about their appointments and helps you reduce the no-show rates. 


Wave is a small business financial app that offers income and expense tracking, receipt scanning, and invoicing services. It’ll take your guesswork out of financial tasks and provide you with essential tools for budgeting. However, not only an app like Wave is helpful in running a profitable hair salon. Online platforms like Insuranks that offer hair salon insurance are also practical because they allow you to compare policies and find the best one for your needs. And where do you count that you can access it from your smartphone?  


Social media marketing is essential for all hairstylists who want to reach a broader audience and grow their business. Besides allowing you to promote your services to your target public, it’s also free and has millions of active users monthly. Instagram is the best social media app for hairstylists by far because it allows you to create engagement, educate your audience, and communicate important information about your services and salon.

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Canva is quite helpful when you need a tool to make your social media posts more attractive. It’s a user-friendly design tool that does the job for you because it allows you to create many visuals, from Instagram posts and stories to business cards, posters, and flyers. You don’t even have to pay for the premium plan because the free one includes plenty of copyright-free content. Who says that you need designer talent to create engaging visuals for your hair salon? Canva is more than helpful. 


TikTok is the new cool kid on the block when it comes to online marketing. The chances are that most of your clients already have a TikTok account, and you should create one for your salon to promote your services and boost your engagement. TikToks are contagious right now, especially if you keep up with the trends and create content according to the latest tendencies.

Your business plays an essential role in people’s lives as everyone wants to feel confident about their looks. 

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