Top 5 Best Educational Apps For Android Devices 2024

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In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s very easy to learn and educate yourself on various topics using just your Android phone. Modern youth have grown up hearing their parents criticizing them for spending way too much time on their phones. What if, instead of scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, kids and teens used their smartphones to learn something useful?

Mobile learning can be described as the process of self-learning and training yourself to gain knowledge in a particular field using mobile apps, websites, and more. In a vast landscape like the Google Play Store, it can be challenging to decide what area to focus on or what topic to learn more about. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best educational apps for Android devices in 2024.


The number one skill-learning app that offers lessons in various disciplines, Skillshare is an online learning community created by and for passionate creatives. Courses in design, art, communication, technology, and more can be accessed by subscribed members who pay a yearly fee. Compared to most other online learning apps, Skillshare focuses on an interaction-based learning method instead of one-sided lecturing. The app’s lectures create and harbor a close community of students attending the same lesson. All students participating in a lesson can communicate with each other through comments and submit their mandatory projects at the end of each lesson. Here, they get feedback and suggestions from classmates as well as the teacher themselves. The courses available on Skillshare aren’t accredited but are developed with close attention to the needs of the user, which makes them enjoyable and productive.

Students who struggle with writing can take a creative writing course on Skillshare. For a more immediate result with their papers, however, they can outsource some of their essays and other papers to Let’s Grade It. This way, they can take advantage of excellently written college papers that will boost their grades.


Another smart learning app that makes mobile education simpler for students is Brainscape. This flashcard-based education application makes use of the power of repetition in learning and helps students grasp, memorize, and retain knowledge for longer. The multimedia app allows trainers and teachers to impart lessons using text, images, video, and more. Students can use Brainscape on all their devices and even share it with a friend. This app also allows students to track their learning metrics and record how quickly they can grasp new information. This data can help them understand the best learning techniques and if they need to modify anything to get better. Apart from students, industry professionals such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, and others use Brainscape to learn with flashcards.


Whether you want to learn something from a textbook or a podcast, Audible has it all. This audiobook service lets users buy and stream spoken word content for affordable prices. You can either purchase just the content you need or invest in a subscription, which is also affordable. The monthly subscription gives users access to a wide, curated library comprising content from various genres.

There is an entire collection of Education & Learning audiobooks both for children and adults. From skill-building to language learning, Audible has it all. If you’re in marketing, you can get knowledge of the different marketing tools there are in the market. If you’re a creative designer, you can listen to an array of motivational podcasts that keep the artist in you alive. No matter what you need, Audible has it.

TED Talks

A shorthand for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”, TED Talks have been rising in popularity lately. This media organization posts international talks by industry experts online and distributes them for free. Some of the important topics on which the talks have been held are science, culture, politics, academics, and humanitarianism. Often, these topics are discussed through storytelling and creative speaking, which makes them highly engaging for users to listen to.

This app falls under the banner of “edutainment”, or educational entertainment, and is meant to inspire and motivate people. Leading industry experts such as entrepreneurs, academics, and innovators come together to help pass on knowledge to people. Find over 3000 TED talks from these experts on the Android app today.

Google SkyMap

Described as a hand-held planetarium for your Android device, Google SkyMap is an outline of the celestial map that shows you planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, satellites, and more that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Users can browse the sky and discover different stars and planets by pointing their phone to the sky and moving it.

The phone’s orientation sensors allow the application to understand your exact location and show you the night sky from your position. Understanding our planet and its position is essential for us to know our place in the vast universe. An open-source software application like Google SkyMap makes education more accessible and easy to use for everyone. Google SkyMap also lets users view special celestial events such as eclipses and once-in-a-lifetime appearances of planets.

Concluding Thoughts

Next time you feel low and unproductive, you can install any of these educational apps to teach yourself some essential skills, all from the comfort of your bedroom. Turn your Android phone into the ultimate mobile learning tool with educational apps such as Skillshare, Audible, Google SkyMap, TED Talks, and Brainscape.

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