5 Best Firefox Apps 2018 – Top Firefox OS Apps

Top Firefox OS Apps that is making headlines in 2015 are some of the apps which are being used continuously by people all round the world. These Apps have made it to the top apps that the people use. They have been sorted over the period of time to make it the top apps.

Best Firefox Apps

Now Firefox is something that can be used on various devices, whether they are laptops, tablets phones or any other device which supports Firefox needs to know about the device is are amongst the top ranking apps, because the users want it that way, hence the top 5 Best Firefox OS Apps are –

Connect A2

One of the important messaging apps that the Firefox devices are now using is the instant mobile app which is first of a kind. It is compatible with the Whatsapp you are using, and will be available in the background always without any cost at all. It is as good as Whatsapp and maybe better in some cases.

Loqui IM

Another app which is quickly gaining importance especially with the Firefox devices is this one. This is another one that is compatible with Whatsapp. It acts with a number of other accounts too like Hangouts, Google and face book.

This is a free app and can work and be modified as AGPLv3.


This is one app that does not need any kind of introduction. It is a social networking site which helps you to communicate better with people.

You can make your profile and upload whatever pictures and files you want and stay connected.


Another social networking site which allows a number of uploads along with following other users.

You can see what the users post and keep in touch. Keep following


This app is gaining popularity especially amongst the users who are interested in creating their own music. When you want others to hear your music too you can connect with other people and make them your audience via this website.

Create music and upload. In a while you will be connected to all the required people via your music.

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