Top Places to Study Abroad If You’re Looking for a Tech Career

Top places to study

Jobs in the computer and information technology sector are estimated to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029. This is significant growth, and it bodes well for those who plan to study abroad in order to build a successful career in technology.

But choosing the right place for your education is by far not an easy decision to make. Given the high demand, there are lots of places and colleges offering various courses and degree programs. The choice is so broad that it becomes challenging to make the right call. We have decided to ease your burden by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the best destinations where you can pursue world-class education. Take a look at the top picks below.

–       Singapore

Singapore remains one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It keeps surprising the rest of it with its mind-blowing reforms, scientific breakthroughs, and economic dynamism. Singapore has been able to create strong linkages between its education system and economic development. That’s why studying there makes a lot of sense.

With Singapore aspiring to become a global scientific hub, you should have plenty of employment opportunities once you get your degree. The country boasts some of the world’s best universities, which means you will be best placed to use your degree to significantly increase your chances of landing a well-paid job with lots of career development opportunities.

–       South Korea

South Korea is another giant from South East Asia with a booming economy, lots of technological advancements, and great educational institutions. You won’t regret opting for South Korea because of the well-tested and effective linkages between world-class universities and job opportunities.

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  • United Kingdom

The UK might not be doing as well as many other developed countries, but it still remains a dream destination for college students looking for a top-class education, top-tier universities, and well-paid jobs. London continues to attract lots of blue-chip companies, unicorns, and tech giants.

The UK’s colleges and universities have always been among the world’s top educational institutions. They keep attracting leading scientists and tutors, as well as a diverse range of students from all over the world. Cost is perhaps the only deterrent, but you can always look for a good scholarship to cover your expenses.

–       Estonia

This tiny Baltic state might look like the wrong pick on this list. But you should definitely consider it as a relatively cheap destination that has gained a lot of credibility and reputation. Ever since Estonia regained its independence in the early nineties of the 20th century, it has made considerable investments in developing its technologies and the education system.

Estonia encourages the inflow of international students, and its IT industry has made a name for itself, drawing on the latest research and technological breakthroughs.

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–       Japan

Japan remains one of the leading economic powers in the world. Its ability to innovate and make innovations work for profitable companies is amazing. Its universities have academic traditions going back centuries, and they value scientific research and academic excellence. You will be surprised to learn that Japan runs lots of English programs for tech students.

There would be no shortage of employment opportunities if you were to pursue a successful career either. As long as you are able to master the intricacies of Japanese culture, you should be good to go.


Building a tech career is a smart decision providing a number of growing employment opportunities. To increase your chances of success, you should choose a reputable destination for your education. You won’t go wrong by choosing any of the recommended countries. Be prepared for intensive courses and relish your chances of starting a rewarding career.


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