As the word itself says, Traffic Exchange sites are those intended for the purpose of exchange of traffic, i.e., you visit my site, I will be visiting yours. This concept is just like the auto surfing to your site. Some of the examples of it are Startxchange, 10khits and EasyHits4U. At traffic Exchanges sites webmaster signups and put their website for just getting visitors or hits on to their sites.

Users can put view on auto surf or manual surf in the timing of 10 seconds to 60 seconds. We fall trap into these as we see free free free traffic terms attached with these sites.Traffic Exchange Fake visitsWe have never used any of the Traffic Exchange sites to generate hits and we obey the Google AdSense ToS. Here in this guide we will focus on important points on why you shouldn’t use them. Read on!

Fraudulent Visits

You might see many webmaster selling sites with good number of hits. They might not always be real as traffic can be generated via traffic exchangers. Yes, the visits or hits generated via these methods are not genuine. This is because these visits are often generated via bots or users put them in auto surf. So that means that users who are browsing your site via any of the traffic exchangers are not interested in your content but they are more interested in adding credits into their account. Many scripts have come up to automatically generate views and credits in sync with traffic exchangers.

Google AdSense vs Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges maybe good to get visitors on your site but seeing this Google considers this traffic as fake. One of the top reasons why you shouldn’t use Traffic Exchange is that Google disallows using this method of visitor’s generation on your site. So if your site has Adsense Ads then please don’t use any of the traffic exchangers or you might have to lose your AdSense account. Alternatively if you want to get traffic to certain pages on your site, you should first create separate pages ensuring that they don’t show up any of the AdSense ads, again that is a risk and we don’t recommend this method for you. Conclusion – You should device yourself whether you want to have just traffic or continue with AdSense. Read More

Traffic Exchange vs Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an important measure of a website. If your site bounce rate is too high then it’s clear that visitors on your site do not like the content. That is the fact! According to the known sources, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who stay on your site rather than moving directly to other pages. So if you are using a Traffic Exchanger then your bounce rate will be too high since visitors will be visiting on the single page of your site for certain seconds.

Traffic Exchange vs CPM or CPC Sites

Google AdSense is one of the major programs for webmasters to make money online. Apart from that other CPC and CPM sites do exists online. Seeing the strict No! No! by Google with Traffic Exchanging sites, other CPC or CPM sites recommends users to not to use those fake method of visitors generation.

Finally to our readers we want to conclude to read terms and conditions of the make money methods which you are using before signing up with Traffic Exchangers.