With the iPhone Upgrade program announced along with the launch of iPhone 6S in 2015, you can get a new iPhone every year. The plan starts at $32 a month and you also get Apple Care+. If you upgrade to a newer iPhone, you will have to transfer iPhone data from your old phone to the newer one and that's why backing up your data to PC and then and then transferring from PC to iPhone will work.Transfer Contacts from PC to iPhone

Why is Transfer Function Important?

Having your iPhone data backed up on your PC is very important in many cases like -

  • Accidental formats or reset on your iPhone
  • In cases when you lose your iPhone
  • When something goes wrong with our iPhone, we need backup

Data Transfer Videos, Music, Contacts from PC to iPhone

While iTunes is the officially recommended solution, we found that with every update, iTunes is more hungry for disk space. Further, if you have multiple iDevices, the authorization features might land you in troubles. This is why choosing an iTunes alternative is most recommended. When we browsed on the web, we found several alternatives to iTunes. Most of them limit you at one or the other features. After a couple of research, we found TunesGo from Wondershare to be perfectly functional utility in achieving iPhone data transfer to and fro to PC easy and convenient.

Wondershare TunesGo Features

  • Transfer data from any computer to iDevice or Android phone.
  • Transfer music and videos without iTunes restrictions.
  • Supports any kind of files like photos, music, videos, messages and even contacts.
  • Supports songs and videos from a wide a range of formats including FLAC, AVCHD etc.,
  • Two-Way Synchronization: With iTunes, you can achieve one-way data transfer covering existing files. But TunesGo allows you to achieve two-way synchronization i.e., transfer data from PC to devices and from device to PC.
  • Removing Duplicate Files: Duplicate files occupies space on your device. The Wondershare TunesGo goes beyond a traditional data transfer software as it also helps you to identify and remove duplicate music tracks and contacts.
  • Helps you to fix ID3 Tags for Android, iPhone, and iPod.
  • Selective transfer of files.
  • Import and convert videos to device supported formats. Very helpful in the case of any iDevices.
  • Convert your iPhone photos to GIF format when transferred to PC.

Transferring Contacts, Pictures, Music & Videos from PC to iPhone without iTunes

Since I have recently upgraded from iPhone 5C to iPhone 7 Plus, I took backup of it using TunesGO very recently before selling the device. Now my task is limited to transferring contacts from PC to iPhone and here is how to do it without iTunes using TunesGO -

  • Download the TunesGO software from the official website.
  • Once installed, connect your iPhone to PC using the USB Cable.
  • The program will auto-detect your device. For iPhone, you will have to click on Trust This Computer.TunesGo iPhone Connected
  • From the top menu, you need to select Information and then click on +Add button. Here I only need my contacts to be shown on my new iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Contacts will be transferred to new iPhone.iPhone Contacts
  • Once the task is done, disconnect the iDevice from PC and check whether data transfer has been achieved or not.
  • Allows your to have Phone to phone transfer.
  • Transfer iTunes Media to device
  • Rebuilt iTunes Library.

That was pretty simple and straight-forward. Does iTunes make it this simple?

The TunesGo iOS module costs $49.95 while the full suite is priced at $59.95 for full-time license.