3  Perfect Methods to Transfer Text messages From Android to iPhone

Not all of us use text message services to communicate because it is the old and boring way but some people still use them. The text messages are thus useful for them. Some messages may contain their personal details, account details or maybe the useful conversation. So, it’s necessary to transfer these text messages from your old Android to new iPhone in case you are planning to buy an iPhone. Transfer of these text messages may be a tedious task if they are more than one or two. Moreover, it will consume lots of your time so is there an easy way to transfer them? Yes, there is.

There is not one or two but three different ways to do so. All the ways are effective to serve this purpose irrespective of the different platforms used by two devices. We know that iPhone uses iOS whereas other phones use android platforms. Therefore, not all apps can solve your problem but we know a very useful tool that is capable of transferring text messages irrespective of the platforms.

The other two methods are the common one which may or may not work but we are sure that the third one will surely work. So, let us know about all of them.

Method 1- Use Move to iOS to transfer Messages from Android to iPhone

This is an official application to transfer text messages to iPhone from Android devices. Apple has designed this application in 2016. However, this application bolsters android 4.0 and its later version. So, if your Android device is using this version then this application is handy for you. Download the app from play store. Refresh or set up your new iPhone and connect to Wi-Fi.  Click on “Move data from android”.

Move from Android to iOS

Authenticate the android device using the six digit code that will be displayed on the iPhone. Wait till the transfer window appears. Select the messages you want to transfer and tap “Next” button. It’s done!

Method 2- Transfer Android messages to iPhone with Professional Transfer tool

This tool is an assured way to transfer text messages as there is no surety of working of the other two methods. You can complete the Messages transfer program in a safe way

Step 1- install the transfer software and launch it on your PC.

Step 2- connect both of the devices to the computer and open the software.

Step 3– click on “Switch” option that is shown on the main screen.

Step 4– click on “Starts transfer” button and choose messages to transfer.

Step 5- click on “OK “button once the transfer is completed.

If you want to exchange the source and destination devices then click on a flip option. This is just the one feature of this tool. There are many more things that you can do with this tool. Therefore, phone to phone transfer is the best option for all your needs.

Method 3- Transfer Messages to iPhone by using Gmail account

You can install an SMS backup app on your device. Copy the messages to Gmail account and read them as attachments. You have to sync the app to the Gmail. Then, log into the account from your new iPhone and check mails of text messaged as attachments.

However, you have to enable IMAP from your Gmail account to access it from another device. Go to settings and enable it.


So if you look at the three methods above, which one are you more interested in? For me personally, you’d better chose the  Method 2 if you’re not familiar with data transfer, because it is a best and safe way for people who don’t have any experience, which can avoid the accidental loss of data during transfer.

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